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The Contact Lens Solution Review

If you have contact lenses then you should know how important contact lens solutions are. This solutions are essential in making sure your contact lenses are comfortable, provide clear vision and above all, make sure your eyes are free from infections.

Contact lens care is very important if you care about your vision. It is important to understand that improper care of your lens can lead to irritation or even fungal infections. A cleaning solution will help you avoid this kind of problems when used on a daily basis.

Gone are the days when you had to soap your contacts before soaking them for the night. Lens solutions are essential since they make lens cleaning an easy task. The solutions are also helpful since they help remove dirt and make-up from the lenses, so keep this in mind, should you go for a no rub solution.

Top Pick

Alcon Clear Care with Lens Case

This is one of the best products in the markets and for clear reasons. They are easy to use unlike other solutions. All you have to do just rinse, feel and soak your contact lenses.

There is no rubbing involved. This is the best for those people who have just had their eyes checked and are new to contact lenses.

They are also more convenient since every box of Clear Care comes with its own special lens case. This saves you on budget since there is no need to make an extra purchase.

If you are a patient who wears silicone hydrogel lenses then Clear Care is the lens solution you should consider having.

This is due to the fact that it gives excellent comfort. This solution is also sensitive to added chemicals and preservatives that are found in multipurpose solutions.

Buyers Guide

A new concept of vision correction has been brought forth by the advancement of contacts. This is a breakthrough improvement in the field of resolving vision problems. Contact lenses are thin and curved discs that are placed on the cornea region of the eye so that they can correct any vision defect. They are known to have many advantages over glasses.

As delicate as they are, they also require special care and proper hygiene condition should always be maintained at all cost. This is important since they are always in physical contact with your eyes. They can also be the main cause of eye problems if they are not maintained well. Only a good contact lens solution will disinfect, clean and rinse your contact lenses.

When choosing a solution for your contacts, you are bound to make an error since there are very many brands in the market that assure you the best solution. This is normally confusing especially if you are new to contacts.

Contact Lens SolutionWhen choosing solutions for your lens, it is always advisable to have your eye care specialist help you in making the right decision. They have the experience and know the best cleanser that will suit your eye condition. However, there are also other tips you should have in mind when you decide to go alone and buy contact lens solutions.

The first thing you need to remember when you want to buy a solution, is that you should always get one that has been designed specifically for your contact lenses. For instance. If you want to wear soft contacts, you should always make sure the solution you choose is made for soft lenses only. Following this guide will help you find a good way for better cleaning and also making them last longer and work better.

When looking for cleansers for your contacts, you will come across a wide range of variety to choose from. There are others that are multipurpose. These enable you to perform different tasks such as removing protein deposits and debris from the lens, softening the lens, cleaning and disinfecting it. When you decide to go for a multipurpose solution, you should always be careful. When you are done with soaking the lens, do not forget to rinse them with saline liquid before you put them into the eyes. If you are looking for effective results, you should consider high-quality multipurpose solutions.

Deep cleansing is another level of contact lens care and when you decide to do it, you should choose a multi-step cleanser instead of a multipurpose one. You need to understand that saline water is almost the same as your tears. So when you soak your pair in a saline infusion, you will not feel any irritation or difference. This is the same infusion that removes the harsh chemicals that may stick on the surface of the lens. If your cornea tends to dry up very easily, it is advisable that you carry a small bottle of it everywhere you go.

Whichever solution you choose, it is important to note that hydrogen peroxide based prepositions have a much greater impact when it comes to reducing smudge and mineral deposits on the surface of the contact lens. If you don’t rinse your contacts after cleaning them, you may feel some kind of irritation and discomfort in your eyes. You should also make sure you take special care when you decide to store them in this fluid.

If you are an extended contact lens wearer, you should consider choosing enzymic cleaners just to ensure the aseptic condition of the product is maintained. You should also remember to use it up to the specified duration and not exceed it. You should not reuse an overdue solution. This may be hazardous to your eyes. This is a guide that will help you protect your eyes from any bacterial infection.

That said, it is now clear how important contact lens solutions are. Just to avoid your eye problem graduating from bad to worse, you need proper lens care. In case you are not sure of the type of solution you should get for your eyes or if you have negative reactions with the solutions you use, you should always consult an eye specialist.