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The Contacts For Dry Eyes Reviews

Lots of people are prone to dry eyes. The people who suffer from dry eyes can have a difficult time wearing contact lenses and finding contact lenses that are fully equipped to meet their needs. Contact lenses can be actively painful to remove at the end of the day for the people who suffer from dry eyes. People who suffer from dry eyes are going to end up with itchy eyes over the course of wearing their contacts all day as well. It is common for people to experience dry eyes, and it is estimated that around one in five people suffer from this condition. Older people are that much more likely to get dry eyes, and many of them need contact lenses for the sake of their vision. Fortunately, there are plenty of different brands of contact lenses that were specifically designed to help people who suffer from dry eyes.

The Top Pick

Acuvue® Oasys®(Johnson & Johnson)

Acuvue® Oasys®(Johnson & Johnson) contact lenses are almost unparalleled in terms of how well they protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Wearers will be able to protect themselves from around ninety percent of the ultraviolet radiation that they will encounter just over the course of their daily routines. These contact lenses are also wonderfully flexible and easy to wear at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. The clarity of the contact lenses is wonderful, and people aren’t going to have to make any sacrifices by purchasing contact lenses that were designed to work around dry eyes when they use these. Acuvue® Oasys®(Johnson & Johnson) contact lenses use specialized technology in order to stay moist, making them something of a recent technological advance. These are the contact lenses that a lot of people have been awaiting for a long time, making them the best contacts for dry eyes.

Buyer’s Guide

Ultraviolet Protection

A lot of people in general are not giving their eyes the ultraviolet protection that they need in order to look after their eyes. People who have light-colored eyes are going to be even more prone to ultraviolet damage over time. A lot of the people who experience dry eyes will find that ultraviolet radiation is going to make the condition that much worse for them. As such, the best contacts for dry eyes are also going to have some ultraviolet protection. People will be able to solve multiple problems at once by choosing these particular contacts and not other brands.


Contacts For Dry EyesLots of the people who suffer from dry eyes will feel as if their contacts become horribly stiff by the end of the day. While added moisture is going to help alleviate this problem in the first place, having lenses that are just more flexible to begin with can make all the difference for the people who suffer from dry eyes. These flexible lenses are also going to be that much easier to put on and take off at the end of the day for nearly everyone. Many people who wear contacts like these will be able to notice the difference the moment that they put them on in the morning. They will notice the difference even more quickly throughout the day.

The best contacts for dry eyes should be breathable as well as flexible. Contact lenses ideally shape themselves to the eyes of the people who are wearing them. People should not have to feel as if they are putting something foreign and uncomfortable on their eyes. They should end up with the contact lenses that feel comfortable enough along multiple measures. The best contacts for dry eyes are easy to wear in more ways than one.


The best contact lenses for dry eyes will have many different ways of making sure that the eyes of the wearer are going to stay as moist as possible. Most of these different measures will suffice. Lots of the best contact lenses for dry eyes are going to be designed to retain moisture more effectively. It isn’t that the contacts are wetter in their own right. The contacts are just going to be better able to stay moist and pliable. Some of them use special technology that keeps the contacts more lubricated and moist without making them feel wet.

People should not usually feel like they are getting eye drops added to their eyes each and every time they put on their contact lenses. Usually, the contacts in this product category are not going to be adding moisture to their eyes, or at least not very much moisture. People are going to be making use of the moisture in their own eyes. They will get some added moisture from the contacts, but the contact lenses are not going to feel overly or uncomfortably wet.


The best contacts for dry eyes should still retain all of the clarity that people rightly expect from their contact lenses. The moisture and the additives that some of them use for the sake of helping people with dry eyes should not make the contact lenses blurry, which can be the case with some of the lesser brands in this particular category. However, people with dry eyes are usually not going to have to make that sort of sacrifice. In most cases, the contacts in this category were designed carefully enough that people can get most of what they are looking for in their contact lenses in one product.

Good Fit

At the end of the day, the whole point of getting the best contacts for dry eyes is comfort. People are trying to get the contacts that they can comfortably wear all day in spite of the fact that they are prone to dry eyes. These contacts should be comfortable in other ways. If the wearers feel that they are less comfortable in any way, then they should opt for different brands. There are plenty of contacts in this product category that were designed for dry eyes, and compromises are unnecessary for the most part.