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Best Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

The Eye Drops For Dry Eyes Review

One of the most sensitive parts of our bodies is the eye, and any problems associated with the eyes can cause tremendous discomfort to the sufferer. Eye drops have been used since the late 1800s to treat a variety of symptoms, although formulas for eye drops were widely different back then and was used frequently throughout the day to alleviate symptoms. Today, eye drops come in many shapes and sizes to treat either specific ailments or a combination of eye problems. Perhaps one of the most common eye problems that people experience today is dryness. Dry eyes could be due to many factors including aging, some diseases, medication side effects, or even structural eye issues. Even the weather can affect the condition of our eyes. Eye drops help alleviate dryness by lubricating its surface. Other eye-related symptoms due to the weather and the change of seasons include itchiness and puffiness. Some eye drops work to relieve these as well whether they are caused by the weather or something else. There are also other problems that are easily solved by eye drops. Examples of these include stressed eyes or eye strain, eye redness of all levels, burning sensations, or any other type of irritation that may be caused by an outer stimulus. Dryness or discomfort caused by regular or excessive contact lens wear may also be relieved by the use of eye drops. The market today produces many types of eye drops from multi-use solutions to artificial tears.

The Top Pick

Refresh Tears drops, .5 oz

With all the choices considered, the best eye drops for dry eye symptoms is Refresh Tears Lubricant Eye Drops. Refresh Tears is an artificial tear solution made with a long-lasting formula. It provides an instant relief to any eye dryness and irritation no matter the cause. This eye drop is actually recommended by optometrists for regular use, and most eye drops in the market today are not endorsed at all because their use can be more dangerous than helpful. Refresh Tears is the best pick out of the all because it is effective while being gentle. It does not cause any allergic reactions, and it is strong enough to alleviate moderate to severe eye symptoms. While most optometrists do not recommend frequent use of eye drops, the Refresh Tears brand has been approved for use throughout the day. This is especially helpful for those who have chronic dry eyes and need relief several times a day and even through the night. While other formulas in the market cause blurring and burning when applied, Refresh Tears does not. It even works for Lasik patients and those who wear hard contact lenses. Since it has many of the qualities that exist in natural tears, they are safe to use with contact lenses. In addition, it can even serve as a protectant for the eyes against further irritation that might ensue later on.

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing eye drops, it’s important to remember that you’re purchasing a product that will be applied directly onto your eyes. Your eyes are the most exposed organ of your body, with the eyelids and sclera as their only protection from outer elements. It’s crucial to know what ingredients make up the formula of your eye drops. The best eye drops are adjusted for pH to match the typical pH of the eyes. There are eye drops that contain steroids and others that contain antihistamine. These eye drops are made specifically for the condition they are treating, maybe Glaucoma or allergies. Another factor to consider is whether the product is doctor-recommended or not. Optometrists typically do not endorse the use of eye drops as people tend to become dependent on them for relief, and most eye drops in the market only make the eyes dryer. Be that as it may, there are eye drops out there that are recommended by physicians for regular use. If you have had any type of eye surgery or have any other serious eye ailments, make sure you also check with your optometrist before you begin using any eye drops.

Eye Drops For Dry EyesMany eye drops today are made for specific use. Some are made for contact lens wearers while some are made to target redness specifically. There are others that are made to treat eye ailments and others more just to provide lubrication. There are eye drops that add a cooling sensation while adding moisture. These are some features that you might find attractive depending on the type of symptoms you normally get. If you get a burning sensation in your eyes on a normal basis, eye drops that offer a cooling factor might give you that extra relief. These days, there are types of eye drops that appeal to different users. There are now a wide variety of natural and organic eye drops for those who prefer them over synthesized ones. There are single-packet eye drops that contain no preservatives as well. Homeopathic eye care have given rise to natural eye drops that contain amino acids such as carnosine that can combat cataracts with regular use. There are also special eye drops for those who experience chronic symptoms such chronic dryness. Make sure you purchase the product that can address your specific issue.

Eye drop use may also have side effects such as blurring, burning, or even changes in vision. Eye drops that contain Beta-blockers can even cause a lower blood pressure and heart rate, shortness of breath, and even fatigue. Make sure that you check the expiration date of the product before purchase as even eye drops have these. Also, most eye drops have a shelf life of only 28 days. After that, many solutions will begin to destabilize, and therefore, they must be discarded. If you don’t expect to use eye drops too often, opt to buy smaller packages, as the most expensive over the counter eye drop prices can get as high as $20 for a small bottle. Prices should be your last consideration as your symptoms should be the first. Make sure that the product you buy is the right one to address your eye problems. Your eyes will only be thankful for it.