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Best Pomade For Men

The Pomade For Men Review

Do you have trouble finding a pomade that provides a strong hold all day and isn’t hard to wash out? One that allows you to be you, giving you complete control of your look and style that is easy to work and rework as needed? Can’t get the right shine to your hair either. Is it ether too dull or too shiny? Are you looking for a pomade that holds up in all types of weather without a greasy feeling? How about the scent of your pomade? Too strong or not there at all? As with all hair products, personal comfort and preference varies from person to person, but we have found the best pomade for men on Amazon that will be sure to give you what you are looking for. Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold is the best pomade to give you what you are looking for.

The Top Pick

Suavecito Pomade 4 oz Firme/Strong Hold

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold is our number one pick. It provides a firm long lasting hold that will keep your style all day long. Suavecito Pomade holds your hair like a wax but it is water soluble. This means it is easily washed out of your hair and leaves no greasy feeling afterwards. Suavecito Pomade is easy creamy and easy to work making it great for any style you desire from classic to modern and will hold in any type of weather. Since it is water soluble it will dry faster than oil based pomades but this can be easily fixed. If your hair gets too dry during the day just wet your comb and rework your style to bring back the fresh look you desire. It has a creates a medium shine when applied keeping your hair from being too dull or too shiny. Suavecito Pomade has a light masculine scent that is not overwhelming to you or those around you. All around Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold is the best pomade for men.

The Competition

  1. AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade:
  2. Preferred Essentials Mint Pomade:
  3. Old Spice Spiffy Pomade:
  4. Le Garcon Premium Hair Styling Pomade:

Considerations for Choosing the Best Pomade for Men


Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold: This uniquely scented water soluble hair pomade has a creamy consistency, combs in with ease and provides a strong grip for maximum styling flexibility.

AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade: Give your hair medium hold and a finishing shine with AXE clean cut look pomade. With a little of this AXE pomade, you can add some refined control to your hair. You can create a variety of styles, whether you’re going for a modern look, a retro do, or something in between. This pomade for men works best on short and mid length hairstyles.

Preferred Essentials Mint Pomade: It is formulated to have the perfect hint of peppermint by infusing peppermint oil. In addition, it gives a natural shine to hair and allows for amazing control and with a medium hold.

Old Spice Spiffy Pomade: It is neither gooey nor sticky, and small quarter size will do it. This pomade is just as good as the higher end expensive ones.

Le Garcon Premium Hair Styling Pomade: It is effective on short hair, twists, wet looks, holding, shaping and grooming. A good alternative to hair wax and clay.  This lasting pomade makes you look good, feel great and get noticed.


Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold:  Great for anyone who needs a lot of pomade and never wants to run out. Add a little water during styling for the wet look if you prefer.

AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade: Start with a fingertip amount of product and mix it between your fingers. Rake it through your hair and then use a comb to create that perfect style.

Preferred Essentials Mint Pomade: This water based product can be easily applied to hair and beard and it washes out easily without leaving residue in your hair and beard.

Old Spice Spiffy Pomade: A dime size rubbed into your moist hair is enough to your slicked back all day and quite frequently the next too. It is not sticky or gooey either.

Le Garcon Premium Hair Styling Pomade: Le Garcon can be applied like a cream and you can smooth it or comb it into your hair as desired to achieve your look. Great for creating waves and distinctive curls without build-up. It washes out quickly and easily because this product is water soluble. You can use it over and over again, and simply wash it out each time.


Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold: Suavecito pomade drys with a maximum hardness, moderate shine and easily washes out with water.

AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade: It gives you hold without crusty, crunchy hair. It is specifically formulated to tame unruly hair and combat daily poof, leaving your hair polished and not wet like some products.

Preferred Essentials Mint Pomade: Infused with soy proteins and vitamin B5 to repair, strengthen and moisturize hair and help you grow a full, healthy, and lengthy beard.

Old Spice Spiffy Pomade: You will feel your hair is still combed back, plus the scent is nice. You will feel like you have amazing thick hair and it is easy to wash out too.

Le Garcon Premium Hair Styling Pomade: This pomade helps you achieve the strong, smooth wax look that you thought only your barber could achieve.

Buyers Guide

As was mentioned before, personal preference varies from person to person and pomade is no exception. You need to find the right product for your needs. So some things to note while looking for the right pomade will depend on your own personal style and preference. Pomade is a hairstyling product that falls into two basic categories. Water based and oil based, each with their own pros and cons. These are easy to tell apart by reading the ingredients. The main ingredient in water based pomade is water. The main ingredient in oil based pomades can vary from petroleum to paraffin to mineral oil. Although one is not necessarily better than the other they both provide different looks and feels. Knowing what hold and shine you want, or the ease and cleanliness of use you are looking for will help you decide which type is right for you.

Pomade For MenWater based pomades are easier to use than oil based pomades. They are easier to control making it a great fit to create any style for any hair type, where oil based products take a little more effort when styling. Water based pomades are water soluble making it easy to wash out of your hair at the end of the day. Oil based pomades on the other hand tend to be greasy by nature making your hair harder to clean after use. This is the same reason for having a greasy feeling vs a non-greasy feeling in your hair while using one product vs the other. However, oil based pomades last longer than water based pomades once applied to your hair. This is also good to know based on how often you will use it. For daily use oil based may work better since after a wash there is some residue left. For occasional use the water based will wash out clean with no residue to deal with later.

If variation in weather like changes in humidity are a factor then a water based product is probably a better fit for you. Water based pomades hold up better in all types of weather conditions than oil based pomades. The oil/grease base used in those products are more sensitive to weather changes whereas the water base product is very adaptable to such changes. One exception to this for water based pomades is that it can dry out in warmer weather. This can be easily overcome by simply wetting your hair to reactivate the water based pomade properties and restyling it as you like. Oil based pomades do not dry out due to the non-soluble oils they are made from. It should be noted that neither one holds up well at all in the rain.

There are no known health side effects for either type of pomade, however it has been noted that acne is more likely to occur on the forehead when using oil based pomade than it is when using a water based product. Caution should be taken to avoid skin contact when using oil based pomades if acne is a concern to you.

One other important difference is the cost. Water based pomades tend to be more expensive than oil based pomades due to the ingredients and processing differences involved in each type. Another reason for the cost difference is the application and duration of use. Oil based products require less per application and last longer than water based pomades which require more per application and does not generally last as long. The same amount of oil based pomade can last up to twice as long as a water based pomade making the oil based product the more economical choice.

The important thing to remember when looking for your new pomade is what will give you your best result. It helps to know what you want before you shop around. Know what style and hold you are looking for. Know what kind of shine you want, low, medium or high. Know if you want your hair to be scent free or have an odor pleasing to you and those around you. keep in mind how often you will use it. Will you use it everyday or just once in a while. Don’t be afraid to try both oil and water based pomades until you find the right one, with the right feel that gives you your perfect look and style.