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Best Probiotic for Constipation

The Probiotic for Constipation Review

Constipation is increasingly common in industrialized societies. It affects a large number of people. Its prevalence is between 15% and 25% of the population. In some people, it sometimes is a symptom associated with certain diseases. In other people, it can manifest itself without being related to any pathological state. Constipation is characterized by the formation of hard, dry and difficult to pass stools. It slows intestinal transit and defecates less frequently. Thankfully, there is a type of product out there on the market that aid in this issue and make a thing of the past: probiotic. According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are live microorganisms which, supplied in adequate amounts, they promote health benefits of the body. The effect of probiotics on constipation has been studied in recent years. Probiotics could contribute to an improvement of the intestinal flora in people with constipation and thus promote an improvement in bowel movements, which is why they sell at great numbers around the globe.

The Top Pick

#1 BEST Probiotic Supplement – 60 Day Supply with 100% Moneyback Guarantee

There are a lot of probiotic products for constipation on the market, but there is one, in particular, that has become the number one best seller and has attained thousands of positive reviews from people around the globe who are already putting it to good use, which is why it’s the number one pick: Probiotic Supplement by Nutrition Essentials. This probiotic improves digestion, bowel regularity, and is able to increase energy, as it is the most potent probiotic supplement available. It comes with a 60 day supply with 100% money-back guarantee. It has the highest number of CFUS per serving and two hundred percent more than any other probiotic supplement on the market. This product is made in the United States in a GMP and FDA certified lab. It has no fillers, blender, preservatives and no chemicals. Its formulation is revolutionary. This probiotic fights off bad bacteria that is present in your GI track and help you to recover from inflammatory conditions, stress causing gut illnesses, and chronic fatigue syndrome. This probiotic needs no refrigeration.

The Competition

  1. Hyperbiotics PRO-15:
  2. Naturo Sciences Probiotics Advanced Probiotic Supplement:
  3. Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls:
  4. Doctor’s Optimum Probiotics Supplement:

Considerations for Choosing the Best Probiotic for Constipation


Nutrition Essentials Probiotic Supplement: This probiotic is more heat resistant and does not need preservation or refrigeration. The Nutrition Essential’s Probiotic delivers more than 90% living Cfus which will help you with relief from gas, digestive disorders, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, antibiotic associated diarrhea, and infectious diarrhea.

Hyperbiotics PRO-15: This probiotic helps to restore the beneficial gut bacteria that may have been depleted as a result of poor diet, the overuse of antibiotics, food poisoning or environmental toxins and promote overall health and well being.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics Advanced Probiotic Supplement: Naturo Sciences Probiotics uses special time released acid resistant capsules that guarantee the delivery of live probiotics to your gut. As a result, they are able to travel throughout your entire digestive system, repopulating your gut with healthy bacteria.

Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls:  It supports healthy digestion and intestinal function. I addition, it supports a healthy yeast balance in our body. This product is easy to swallow. The Pearl does not dissolve until it transports these healthy live cultures safely to your intestines, where they are released and get to work immediately.

Doctor’s Optimum Probiotics Supplement: Doctors optimum probiotic is a supreme probiotic. It is vegan, dairy free and viable. You can now take charge and begin your journey to better health, increased energy, digestion, mood, and immunity. Moreover, it contains the necessary organisms to make it to your intestines.


Nutrition Essentials Probiotic Supplement: This revolutionary formula fights off the bad bacteria present in the GI track and helps you to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome, stress causing gut illnesses, inflammatory conditions. It is 100% safe natural USA made product with no chemicals, preservatives, fillers or blenders. No need for refrigeration.

Hyperbiotics PRO-15: This probotic contains Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus to effectively counter the indiscriminate effects of today’s broad spectrum antibiotics and other lifestyle choices that can deplete our micro-biome.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics Advanced Probiotic Supplement: Naturo Sciences Probiotic uses nitrogen filled blister packaging for each formula. This advanced manufacturing technique creates a refrigerator like environment, which keeps the probiotics alive for longer, increasing shelf life. As a result, each dose is guaranteed to be as effective as the last.

Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls: It includes ingredients such as palm oil, gelatin, glycerin, lecithin, and pectin. In addition it includes proprietary Probiotic Blend, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Longum.

Doctor’s Optimum Probiotics Supplement: It contains Bacillus Subtilus, L. Rhamnosus, L. Casei, B. Longum, L. Acidophilus, L. Planatarum, B. Breve. In addition, it also contains ingredients like vegetable cellulose, malto-dextrin and medium chain triglycerides.


Nutrition Essentials Probiotic Supplement: This formula contains maximum good colon bacteria, that causes cholesterol and blood pressure reduction. It reduces colon polyp, triglycerides and also decreases flatus smell.

Hyperbiotics PRO-15:  Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is released at consistent levels throughout the day and throughout your Gl tract. It drops in your upper stomach releasing all organisms very slowly and steadily. It does not cause upset such as bloating, gas or occasional diarrhea.

Naturo Sciences Probiotics Advanced Probiotic Supplement: Naturo Sciences Probiotics promotes better nutrient absorption giving you more all day energy and vigor, restores the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract. It relieves digestive issues fast, and supports a healthy immune system improving your well being. It helps your digestive system work better resulting in freedom from gas, bloating, constipation, indigestion and other stomach problems.

Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls: Acidophilus Pearls deliver over 900% more intact flora to the intestines. It contains a minimal amount of residual milk protein, with viable numbers of probiotic bacteria.

Doctor’s Optimum Probiotics Supplement: This probiotic formula was created to be broad spectrum. It can be used any time and is to be used continuously.  This probiotics is intended to be taken for a week or two following antibiotic use and can be discontinued after that time period.

Buyer’s Guide

Intestinal transit is not equal for all people. The frequency is considered ‘normal’ ranges from three bowel movements a day and a single bowel movement every three days. We speak of constipation when more time is spent without going to the bathroom when the stools are painful or involve some difficulty. Today, almost two out of ten people suffer from chronic constipation. Inactivity and sedentary routine could promote the occurrence of constipation. Since constipation is associated with a lack of regular bowel movements that propel the fecal bolus into the anus, physical activity may contribute to an improvement of functional constipation, as it promotes increased muscle tone of the intestine. Thankfully, probiotics have come to the rescue in order to aid in this matter.

In 2014 a comprehensive review and meta-analyzes of scientific literature on the subject was published. Under the title ‘The effect of probiotics in functional constipation in adults,’ the research analyzed the issue in depth. In general, the use of probiotics was associated with a significant reduction in intestinal transit time (12.4 hours on average) and a higher frequency of bowel movements. Probiotics also improved stool consistency. You just have to be on the lookout for the best probiotic out there on the market so that you can begin seeing results right away, as not every probiotic for constipation is the same.

Opt for Innovative Formulation

Probiotic for ConstipationIf you want the best of the best and thus attain fast results, it’s important that you opt for a probiotic that has an innovative formulation. Find the one with the highest number of CFUS per serving and at least two hundred percent more than any other probiotic. This ensures you that you are going to attain results in just a couple of days. Don’t opt for a product that doesn’t specifically state how much more it has in percentage. You see, just in case you were not aware, companies can print packaging that states that their products contain vitamin E or etc., even though they just contains a speck of it; therefore, you should always want to attain specific facts on everything that you purchase.

Opt for Formulation without Harmful Elements

It’s important that you make sure that you don’t purchase a probiotic product that is induced with harmful elements. Avoid any probiotic for constipation that has preservatives, blender, fillers and chemicals. Those formulations that contain these elements can only put you at risk of attaining a variety of different health matters that will take you a couple of steps backward in your overall health, which is why you should avoid them at all costs no matter how more affordable they are. You should always put your health first, and thus, choose a probiotic product that is as natural as possible. The more natural . . . the better. If you stop to think about it, it is always better to prevent than lament.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

It’s important that you find out if the probiotic that has caught your eye comes with a money-back guarantee. It has been noted that those companies that really stand by their products do offer a money-back guarantee. For those that don’t, you should think twice about purchasing one of their products. When there is no money-back guarantee, it is more than likely that you will not be getting your money’s worth.

Was It Manufactured in a Certified Lab?

If the probiotic that has caught your eye doesn’t state in its description that it was manufactured in a GMP and FDA certified lab, run with your money somewhere else. Nowadays, anybody can sell anything and call it whatever they want, which is why you have to be very wise before placing anything in your shopping cart. Those probiotics that are manufactured in a certified lab go through a special process that ensures that the end result will be an effective product in every aspect.