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Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath

The Toothpaste for Bad Breath Review

Breath odor can be unpleasant for others, and uneasy for you. Medically, bad breath is known as halitosis, can result from poor dental health habits, and can be made worse by the types of foods you eat and other harmful way of life habits. Bad breath can be embarrassing and tough on those around you. Odor-producing bacteria that grow in the mouth cause bad breath. Smelly gases released by the bacteria that coat your teeth, gums and tongue usually leads to persistent bad breath. The causes of bad breath are numerous and include certain foods, alcohol or cigarettes and poor oral hygiene. This occurs when you do not brush and floss regularly, bacteria builds up on the small pieces of food left in your mouth and between your teeth. The bacteria on our teeth and gums will lead to gum disease and tooth decay that will eventually cause bad breath.

It is essential to carry out careful oral hygiene at home twice or thrice daily making use of a toothbrush with fluoride antibacterial toothpaste and flossing to get rid of food debris and plaque on teeth and gums. Brush teeth after you eat. Learn how to brush and floss the right way. Cleaning your tongue is very vital because bacteria love to hang out there. Make sure to brush your gums in addition to every side of every tooth. Using effective toothpaste is very significant in maintaining a good breath. In addition, regularly clean your brush this prevents germs and bacteria that can lead to bad breath from building up on our brushes.

The Top Pick

TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Fresh Breath Dry Mouth Toothpaste

Dr. Harold Katz who created TheraBreath® in 1993 to help his own daughter overcome her bad breath problem because nothing else worked clinically confirms Therabreath toothpaste effectual at the California Breath Clinics. Since that time, millions of people have regained their confidence by switching to TheraBreath® formula for their daily oral care routine. The toothpaste is also very efficient at preventing cavities and canker sores, reversing dry mouth, stopping bad breath instantly and maintaining gum health. This professional formula attacks all types of breath and taste problems and neutralizes bacterially produced at the source. The only toothpaste that is dentist developed to help control bad breath. It is made with soothing aloe to maintain gum health and Xylitol for whitening and strong tooth enamel. TheraBreath Toothpaste made in USA contains no detergents, harsh chemicals, or artificial colors. Every TheraBreath product is guaranteed to be the most effectual oral care product you have ever used.

The Competition

  1. SmartMouth Toothpaste:
  2. CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste:
  3. Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste:
  4. BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste:

Considerations for Choosing the Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath


TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dry Mouth Toothpaste: This professional formula attacks all types of breath and taste problems and neutralizes bacterially produced V.S.C.s (Volatile Sulfur Compounds) at the source. It restores your confidence and brightens your smile with Xylitol.

SmartMouth Toothpaste: SmartMouth Toothpaste delivers premium 12 hour protection against bad breath and whitening power to remove stains. It provides premium protection and removes plaque and strengthens enamel.

CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste: CloSYS lets you brush away the bad stuff and feel more in control of your health. It contains mild polishing agents that whiten teeth and remove tough stains and protects enamel and won’t harm expensive dental work or irritate sensitive mouths.

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste: It uses an herbal combination technology to help eliminate the unpleasant odor away. It removes plaque and absorbs smell very well with active charcoal.

BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste: BreathRx toothpaste helps keep your entire mouth healthy with advanced whitening power to brighten smiles, fluoride to help fight cavities and tartar, and Zytex to get rid of halitosis at its source.


TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dry Mouth Toothpaste: TheraBreath Toothpaste refreshes breath and taste with the Ultra-oxygenating power of OXYD-8 and Fluoride.

SmartMouth Toothpaste: It contains Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.81% (0.10% w/v Fluoride Ion) that aids in the prevention of dental cavities.

CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste: CloSYS contains fluoride formula that performs 3 times better than leading toothpaste brands in re-mineralizing teeth enamel. The toothpaste helps you promote better health every time you brush.

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste:  It contains active ingredients like sorbitol, silica, water, and glycerin that removes and kills bacteria and malodor.

BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste: BreathRx toothpaste contains a unique blend of zinc and essential oils to attack and neutralize bad breath odors plus stain removal for enhanced whitening, and fluoride for cavity and tartar protection.


TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dry Mouth Toothpaste: There is no artificial flavors or colors. It is gluten free, vegan, GMO free, and kosher.

SmartMouth Toothpaste: This new formula features a refreshing mint flavor that continually freshens breath with smart zinc and provides protection from plaque and cavities with fluoride.

CloSYS Fluoride Toothpaste: CloSYS toothpaste does not have any flavor. It does not contain sulfates, triclosan or gluten.

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste:  It contains menthol flavor that helps to cool breath naturally. The performance of cloves and guava leaves helps to reduce plaque and bacteria.

BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste: BreathRx has a special blend of odor neutralizing and anti bacterial ingredients that help ensure that the Clean Mint flavored gel leaves you with a clean mouth and long lasting fresh breath.

Buyer’s Guide

Numerous manufacturers of dental care products offer a broad assortment of toothpaste options to help people customize their oral hygiene routines. With so many diverse formulas on the market, buying a new tube of toothpaste can be an overwhelming task. When it comes to selecting the best toothpaste for you, it is imperative to think about your unique oral health requirements. Toothpaste is accessible in paste or gel. The answer behind picking the right one is deciding what you want from the toothpaste. With the following information and suggestions from your dentist, you can easily find the right toothpaste option for the unique wants of your teeth and gums.

Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Toothpaste for Bad BreathThere are toothpastes available that are made for sensitive teeth, teeth that make it difficult to enjoy hot and cold foods. These toothpastes work in different ways and most sensitive toothpastes include the ingredients potassium nitrate and strontium chloride. These chemical compounds help tooth sensitivity by blocking pathways thereby reducing the ability of the nerves to transmit pain to the teeth. When choosing toothpaste that can help relieve the pain caused by sensitive teeth, put in a product that has been manufactured by a brand that specializes in this field.

Fluoride Toothpaste

The main ingredient to look for when choosing toothpaste is fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that plays an important role in dental health by protecting tooth enamel from decay. Without doubt, one thing to consider is that many types of toothpaste on the market today contain fluoride. Using fluoride toothpaste is a significant way to make sure that your teeth are obtaining the benefits of this naturally occurring mineral. However not everyone can tolerate the mineral. It is essential therefore to consider such factors and perhaps look at the more renowned brands that have a good repute for oral health. Talk to your dentist if you have any concerns about your toothpaste.

Natural Toothpastes

These toothpastes contain less chemicals and in some cases utterly no chemicals. Natural toothpaste is made largely from minerals, plant extracts and other ingredients that come from nature. More often than not, these toothpastes leave out ingredients like fluoride and choose to use ingredients like myrrh, peppermint oil and aloe to clean teeth and freshen the mouth. They are safe and effective to use for young children or people with chemical sensitivities.

Whitening Toothpastes

Whitening toothpastes whiten your teeth by way of chemicals that attach to discoloring on your teeth to help pull them from the tooth’s surface or ingredients that serve as abrasives. The whitening toothpastes simply clean surface stains and cannot change the underlying tooth color. Most whitening toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide or calcium peroxide, which are extremely harsh to your teeth. Those who wish to remove surface discolorations on your teeth may need to consider whitening toothpaste.

No matter what direction you decide to take when it comes to choosing toothpaste for you or your family, it is ultimately down to personal preference but more than anything, it should be focused on oral healthcare needs especially in battling bad breath. Whatever your toothpaste needs, be sure to choose toothpaste that has been approved for use. With so many alternatives and combinations available, it may be of value getting the advice of your dentist. Good oral hygiene goes far beyond the type of toothpaste you opt for, proper diet, frequent brushing and flossing, and regular trips to the dentist all play a vital role in keeping your smile.