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Ant infestations are so common that some people will just learn to live with them. However, no one should be forced to do this. Ants can be irritating at best and actively harmful at worst. People who invest in the best ant traps will be able to get rid of their ant infestations without having to resort to costly and potentially dangerous professional extermination techniques. People often have to leave their homes while the exterminators are getting rid of the bugs. With ant traps, residents can take care of the problem on their own. They can also pull out the ant traps again when the problem reasserts itself, which can potentially allow them to stop an ant infestation right in its tracks. Ant traps give people the freedom to control some of the most common pests and parasites independently, inexpensively, and safely. The problem can resolve itself very quickly.

The Top Pick

TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits (pre-filled)

People will be able to eradicate the ants in their homes with the TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits (pre-filled). These bait stations are not going to cause any messes for homeowners, with their simple design. The bait is going to stay moist long enough to fully attract the ants, who will die slowly and bring the poison back to their colonies. These bait stations will eliminate all household ants. They aren’t limited to specific ant varieties. The borax content of the bait stations just adds to the overall efficacy of the TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits (pre-filled). People will go from having houses that are full of ants to houses that are ant-free in two weeks or less with the TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits (pre-filled). Setting up the baits is very easy. These bait stations painlessly eliminate ants.

Buyer’s Guide

The best ant traps are the ones that are going to deliver results that last. Some of the lesser ant traps seem to deliver results in the short-term, but they only kill the foraging ants that people are likely to see around the kitchen and elsewhere in the house. If the rest of the colony is still active elsewhere, the colony will continue to raise more forager ants, sending more of them throughout the house.

The foraging ants need to be able to bring the poison back to the colony in order to bring down the rest of the colony. Exterminators who poison the ant colonies that have infested homes will accomplish this task in a sudden and violent manner. People who are using ant traps are going to need to do so in a more strategic fashion. This is partly a matter of choosing the right ant traps.

Ant TrapsThe best ant traps aren’t going to make a mess in their own right. Far too many people end up cleaning chemicals off of the floor as a result of messy ant traps. The bait in the ant traps ideally won’t dry out at the wrong time either, or the ant traps themselves are rendered useless by that point. The best ant traps last long enough to successfully kill enough nearby ants, while also not creating additional chores for residents. These ant traps are essentially just well-designed, and they are stocked with the best ant trap bait.

Effective ant traps are strongly appealing to the ants due to their superior bait. They need to be able to attract ants even from a distance, beckoning them forward and encouraging the little creatures to get stuck in the traps and killed. The best ant traps have the right mix of chemicals. The best chemical mix will attract ants and will kill them slowly. The ants that die slowly will make it back to their colonies, at which point they will spread the poison that is already in their systems to the rest of the colony. As such, even the ants that people don’t see will die in short order.

Certain factors are going to complicate the priorities of homeowners when it comes to deciding upon the best ant trap. For one thing, homeowners with crawling babies and homeowners with dogs and cats are going to need to exercise more caution with their ant traps. The toxins that will kill ants are usually not going to have an equivalent effect on larger animals, but it’s still always a good idea to keep pets and babies away from certain traps or just choose the less toxic ones. However, the components of an ant trap can still potentially physically hurt a dog or a small child. Finding an ant trap that is effective at killing the ants but which won’t harm pets or infants in any way is going to be difficult.

Some people are going to be in the market for ‘humane’ ant traps. Trapping ants alive so owners can set them free is relatively difficult, even though this sort of thing is more common with larger household pests like rodents. People should know that this method is inefficient for ridding a house of ants, regardless of one’s intentions. Releasing forager ants into the wild while the colony flourishes will not do anything about the underlying problem. However, people who want humane ant traps are going to have a different definition of what is the ‘best’ ant trap.

Overall, there is strategy involved in designing an excellent ant trap. Ant infestations are extremely insidious, and people need to be able to make sure that they are really getting the ants where they live. Ant traps that merely dispose of individual ants are about as efficient as people who try to get rid of the ant infestations in their homes by killing one ant at a time. That will only work if there is no infestation, and only a few forager scouts have infiltrated the house. People can use these sorts of traps to prevent new infestations. They will need more powerful traps for the more major infestations that are already underway.