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Best Cold Weather Gloves

The Cold Weather Gloves Review

The best cold weather gloves can mean the difference between a comfortable winter day outside and frostbite. Fingers and hands tend to lose heat quickly and store heat badly, which makes the best cold weather gloves that much more important for anyone. These gloves need to be mobile enough that they’re not going to restrict anyone’s hands too much, so flexibility is still an important feature. However, cold weather gloves need to be able to offer enough protection from the cold and related elements. The best ones often provide protection from the wind and water, which will make the gloves more effective at fighting the cold on snowy days. If these gloves manage to be stylish and comfortable as well as warm and effective, they have managed to truly stand above many similar products on the market. The best cold weather gloves are truly important investments for people living in cold climates.

The Top Pick

Seirus Innovation 1431 Hyperlite All Weather Polartec Cold Weather Winter Glove

These winter gloves have three layers, and the three layers help create the best cold weather gloves that money can buy. Thanks to the top layer, people still have plenty of manual dexterity. The middle layer is wind, water, and cold resistant. The inner layer is soft, soothing, and comfortable. Overall, the gloves breath and will keep hands warm without making them sweat. The gloves are tapered at the wrists, so they are going to be able to seal in the heat effectively. The gloves are bulky, but still more form-fitting than many others. These gloves are great for a wide range of winter activities, while also still being perfect for the people who are just planning on taking walks outside. The Seirus Innovation 1431 Hyperlite All Weather Polartec Cold Weather Winter Gloves are truly some of the best cold weather gloves people will find.

Buyer’s Guide

People will often debate whether gloves are warmer than mittens, or visa versa. The generic mitten is going to be warmer than the generic glove, since the design of mittens allows people to use their own body heat to keep warm more effectively. However, the type of insulation that gloves use really can make all the difference in terms of the warmth. The three best types of insulation for winter gloves are fleece, goose down, and PrimaLoft insulation. When it comes to wet winter conditions, fleece and PrimaLoft insulation are better. Both types of insulation promote very dry warmth.


In many cases, the insulation is going to be layered, which is a good setup. The lining that is the closest to the skin should be the softest layer. The outer layer should be much more flexible. The middle layer should be the more protective and resistant one. People who choose gloves that have that setup are going to end up with gloves that give them enough dexterity, comfort, and protection from the winter elements.

Cold Weather GlovesGood winter gloves are going to be wind resistant and water resistant. The people who are under the impression that they can get gloves that can be soaked in water without getting wet are wrong. However, some gloves retain moisture better than others, and these gloves are not going to be the best cold weather gloves. Moist fabric feels colder, and this effect is even more pronounced outdoors during the wintertime.

Almost anyone who has been outside in the snow for long periods of time knows that nothing freezes people quite like the wind, which is why having gloves that are wind resistant is so important. Again, no glove will be immune to the effects of the wind, but gloves that are made to at least shield people from it are going to be among the best cold weather gloves.

Tapered Wrists

The best cold weather gloves also need to be able to solidly cover a person’s hand and wrists, and they should be tapered at the wrist so no cold air gets in through that venue. Some people might want gloves that are even longer than that, extending to partly cover their forearms in order to protect more of their skin from the cold and bridging the gap between their gloves and their coats. However, the important thing is that the gloves really seal in the heat.

Winter Activities

Of course, trying to objectively determine the best cold weather gloves is going to be difficult partly because the standards will vary depending upon what the customer in question wants to do outside in the winter. Some people are just going to be waiting around outside for something, and other people are just going to be walking in the winter outside and they need their warm winter gloves. However, there are certain gloves that are perfect for skiing, snow hiking, and other outdoor winter activities. People who are engaged in specific outdoor winter activities are going to need to choose the gloves that work best for those specific outdoor activities.

Gloves and Gender

Some available winter gloves are unisex, but a good portion of them are sharply divided according to men’s fashion and women’s fashion. What makes this frustrating is the fact that a given glove manufacturer won’t always make a male or female counterpart to a given set of gloves. Gloves for women emphasize fashion over practicality, to the chagrin of more practical female customers. Gloves for men are typically utilitarian in appearance, which might bother some men. However, some customers might be able to get away with wearing the gloves that were aimed at another gender. Even then, the gendered aspect of fashion can make this sort of thing tricky, especially when it comes to very practical items of apparel like gloves.

However, there are certainly gloves that are going to work well for most winter activities, including simple winter walks. People who are not hobbyists need to be able to use winter gloves that are going to be good enough to wear on a regular basis, and which will just be able to keep them warm. They will have plenty of options.