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Best Electric Can Opener

The Electric Can Opener Review

Can openers have been a necessary tool for decades, and throughout those decades can openers have advanced and evolved into quite the amazing little machines. Electric can openers are the more preferred style of can opener, allowing each can to be opened easily without any strain or issue. Electric can openers have also come quite the long way since their patent in 1931. Now electric can openers easily open cans in hardly no time at all. They also come with many more features than they used to, including magnetic lid holders and a variety of edging and push down features. They’re also much more sleek and stylish than ever, allowing them to blend in with nearly any kitchen. Hand can openers are often hard to use, and take longer, making electric can openers the preferred choice of can openers for people all over the world. As they continue to advance, the best can opener will continue to change. Everyone wants the best when it comes to products, and that doesn’t exclude electric can openers.

The Top Pick

Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch Can Opener

There are too many electric can openers on the market to choose from, and all of them generally get the job done as they’re supposed to. Though there is one can opener that has been voted the best electric can opener time and time again by users and publications. The Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener is by far the best can opener, and for a few simple reasons. This can opener features a technology that allows cans to be opened without leaving bumpy, dangerous ridges behind. Each can is left with a smooth ridge, eliminating the possibility of being cut on a can’s ridge ever again. It also doesn’t go under the can’s rim, but cuts right on top, meaning the blade never touches the food. This feature is a favorite of users who delight in the fact that a germy blade won’t dip into the contents of the can. It also has a feature that eliminates the issue of the can’s lid falling into the contents, which is another outspoken favorite of users. Not only does this can opener boast some pretty neat features, but it’s pretty affordable as well. It also comes in a stylish black and chrome design and is compact enough to fit on nearly any counter. All of this combined, along with it’s raving reviews from users and publications everywhere make the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener the best electric can opener available on the market. You can find this amazing can opener here:

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a new electric can opener sounds like an easy of enough task, but once all of the different brands and styles are taken into account, that task becomes much more difficult than expected. There are thousands of different electric can openers available on the market today, and some do work better than others, which makes choosing an electric can opener an important task, as can openers are one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances. Here are a few things to help you choose your next electric can opener wisely.

Things to Consider and Look For


Electric Can OpenerSize may not seem like a thing that makes a big difference when it comes to choosing an electric can opener, but it matters more than one would think. Always consider the size of the counter the can opener will be placed on when trying to decide which can opener to purchase. Some electric can openers are larger than others, and therefore take up much more space. The size of cans the can opener can open should also be taken into consideration. Most can openers can open up any size of can with ease, but there are a few that are only suited for smaller cans. Consider these things carefully and be sure to always double check the size before purchasing.


Can openers come with more features than one would imagine, from magnetic top holders to edging and smooth ridge features like the ones mentioned above, there is a lot to consider. All possible features should be taken into consideration before choosing a can opener to buy. Try to figure out which features would suit your home best, and which features would be heavily used and which ones wouldn’t. This will help anyone in the market for a can opener decide what to look for when it comes time to buy. Relate features with other aspects like durability and price before making a decision. Sometimes losing one feature to back a trustworthy and sturdy brand is worth it.

Design and Style

Most people probably wouldn’t care what the can opener actually looked like, as long as it does what it’s supposed to and does it well. However, sometimes even the smallest item can make a room look odd. Always consider the decor of the room the can opener will be placed in and try to find a design and style that fits best with that room. Consider things like color, size, sleekness and more. If there doesn’t seem to be one that matches perfectly with the room, opt for a neutral color like black and silver, which usually blend in with almost any style of decor.


Can openers need to be built to last, especially when they’ll be in use almost daily. Because of this, it’s important to do some research on the durability of each can opener that’s being considered before making the purchase. Durability is important with any item, but especially so with an item that will be in heavy use. It’s wise to read reviews and ask current owners of each model of can opener that is being considered before making the big purchase. Current and previous owners of the model will be able to tell of any pros and cons, and can help make the decision much more easier to do. Use one’s best discretion when reading reviews, as all issues may not be the fault of the product, but rather the user.