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The Inexpensive Vacuum Review

Back when carpets were in, getting a vacuum was as easy as dropping by your local department store and picking up one of the first ones you saw. Back then, the only choices we had to make were choosing the size and price of our ideal vacuum. Today; however, what with the trends of tiles and hardwood flooring, getting the perfect vacuum requires one looks over several different factors. If you’re like most people, you have more than one type of flooring and, while you could get more than one vacuum, there are more versatile options, keeping your house clean and your wallet fat. Today, we’ll look at how to go about getting an inexpensive vacuum that doesn’t skimp on quality. When you’re trying to save money, it’s important to go into vacuum shopping knowing what to look for, as your options may be somewhat limited. We’ll look at what it is that makes a vacuum right for each type of household and person, and point you in the direction of a specific model that gets the job done without putting your wallet on a weight-loss regimen.

The Top Pick

Hoover Platinum Series Light Weight UH30010 and UH30010COM Roller Brush & Belt Kit

The UH30010 is advertised as being a lightweight alternative to large, clunky vacuums. It can be used on any type of flooring, though it works better on some then others (we’ll get to that in a moment). It comes built with a HEPA filter and seems to do the job at under $60.

The best part about this vacuum is no doubt its built-in HEPA filter. While this isn’t unheard of in vacuums, it’s not something you’ll always see in vacuums in this specific price range. To put it simply, HEPA filters are meant to suck up bacteria and other microorganisms, something our floors see a lot of. HEPA filters are actually the technology used in many high-end air filters, if that gives an idea of how powerful they are.

In terms of sucking up germs, the UH30010 will work on all types of flooring. For a sleek finish on hardwood and tiles; however, you may find yourself going over the floor once more with a mop or Swiffer. On hard surfaces, the UH30010 merely acts as a beefed up broom, ensuring your floor is as clean as can be.

For those with carpeted floors, this vacuum is all you need. For those with other types of flooring, the UH30010 will no doubt act as a powerful cleaning tool to have at your disposal in conjunction with other tools. It can be had on Amazon complete with additional tools through the following link:

Buyer’s Guide

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little different. If you plan on shopping around for the perfect, inexpensive vacuum, following the below tips is sure to have you come out with a vacuum you can be happy about for years to come.

Do You Need to Get Into Tight Corners?

The majority of vacuums come with detachable heads, allowing you to suck up dirt with the hose directly (if they don’t, they’re definitely not worth your money). Depending on the structure of your house, the hose may or may not be all you need to get into tight corners. If you have very tight corners (smaller that 90 degrees) in your home which need a good cleaning every now and then, it’s a good idea to get a vacuum that comes with a hose attachment which lessens that perimeter of the open hole at the end of the hose.

Does Your Carpet Have Dirt Hot Spots?

Inexpensive VacuumDepending on how dirty certain parts of your carpet get, a brush attachment may be essential. If, for example, you find yourself mowing over the mud in your front porch with your vacuum over and over again, you may find a vacuum which comes with a brush attachment will get the job done much quicker and more efficiently.

Is a HEPA Filter Necessary?

As previously mentioned, HEPA filters are aimed at sanitizing surfaces through the filtering of germs and other microorganisms. This can be a great way of keeping your floors extra clean, though a HEPA filter will likely drive the price of a vacuum up. If you have tile floors and find yourself drenching them in bleach once a week to remove stains (a process which also kills every living thing in its path), paying for the luxury of a HEPA filter within your vacuum will only be throwing money down the drain. If you’re looking to save money on your next vacuum, it’s important to only buy the features you need.

Choose Your Height Wisely

Here’s something a lot of people in the market for a new vacuum find themselves overlooking and, while it may sound silly, it’s certainly worth considering. If you’re short and have a tall vacuum, you may find your shoulders getting sore. If you’re tall and have a short vacuum, your back can start hurting part way through your cleaning day. If you’re going to use your new vacuum for an hour every week, why put yourself through unnecessary pain or physical stress during that hour? If you can, buy a vacuum that suits your height. If you actually shop in a physical store, most clerks won’t mind if you even roll the vacuum around the store to see how it feels.

Bag-Less Vacuums are Better Than Bagged Vacuums

Unlike many things on this list, whether or not a bag-less vacuum is superior to a bagged vacuum is far from subjective. Vacuums which don’t use bags are superior to to those which do; they give the same good suction consistently, they don’t require the constant purchase of new vacuum bags (saving you a bit of cash in the long run) and you won’t have to deal with constantly putting new bags in your vacuum. The only downside is you have to be more careful when emptying them, though this is well worth the advantages these vacuums have over their bagged counterparts.