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Best Karaoke Machine For Kids

The Karaoke Machine For Kids Review

Nowadays, not only is karaoke just done in bars or restaurants but it can be done at home by kids. Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System is the perfect karaoke machine for kids in the modern world as it allows children to express themselves to the world through singing.

In addition, singing is another way of playing with the child. Hello Kitty offers a perfect room for education and entertainment. A child is able to learn different pitches in a song and entertain others. For example when reading the lyrics, they also hear a singer they love and get entertained.

Hello Kitty also gives children a platform to show case variances in their talents. This boosts a child’s self-esteem if they happen to sing better that the parent. As a result of karaoke, the child is able to appreciate music and have it in their life.

The Top Pick

Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System with Screen, Pink/White

Hello Kitty Pink/ White is best suited for indoors use. It is ideal for birthdays and play dates as it boasts of a five inch built in screen. This offers a great view to a girl who is doing karaoke. On top of this, duet singers can have a good view of the lyrics they are singing to. Using the AV cable, Hello Kitty Pink can be connected to a smart device like a smart television. To add fun to it, there is a digital camera that enables the kid watch herself either on the built in screen or television screen.

Two microphones enable singing duets to have fun. This means more children can take turns to sing and have fun in the end. However, if there is a need for an extra microphone, it can be purchased separately. An extra microphone may come in handy in birthday parties.

Its CD system is perfect and easy to operate. One only needs to pop the compact disk in the machine. Proceed to picking the desired song and let it play. Automatically, the lyrics of the song appear on the screen.

Hello Kitty offers a lot of options from where music can be played from. For instance, one can connect their iPhone, iPod or tablet device in order to play music. These options save on space, since one does not need tons of CDs in their homes to store their music.

It does not need an extra set of speakers since it has its own built in speakers. Versatile voice and sound keys enable the kid to control sounds on it, making it easy to use in the long run. It is very kid friendly making it a number one choice for most parents.

Buying Guide

Karaoke is one of the easiest ways a child can learn to play his or her friends. Therefore, a karaoke machine is a popular gift for kids that are growing up nowadays. To add to this, a karaoke machine is also a perfect gift for children in occasions like birthday parties or Christmas holidays. Most kids karaoke machines come in decorative colors thanks to endless number of options offered by manufacturers. There are highly affordable karaoke models. However, when shopping online, some sites may be offer good discounts on any kid karaoke bought. It is advisable to first try a low end karaoke machine, because in the event of any damage on it, for example breaking, it can be replaced with much ease. However, there are a number of features a parent should look for before buying their kid a karaoke machine.


Karaoke Machine For KidsChildren do not like dealing with heavy toys with many parts that need to be connected before playing. Luckily, karaoke machines are lightweight and portable making it fun for them to move about while entertaining themselves.

Connectivity to Smart Devices

A karaoke machine with a built in screen the best. If it can be plugged to smart devices, for example smart television sets, smartphones or tablets then that is an excellent choice of a kid karaoke machine. This should be checked before settling on any kid karaoke machine.

Streaming Playlist

A streaming playlist is another important feature. In the modern world, everybody has a device that plays and stores music. Streaming music enables a kid to have a good mastery of the song’s lyrics. It will also enable a child save on music storage space by not keeping with them tons of karaoke compact disks that take up space in their rooms.

Dual Microphone Inputs

Kids love playing together. Having two jacks where they can plug in the microphones by themselves enables them to sing in duets over and over. It will not be much fun if only one kid sings at a time as much as they would want to sing in turns. Another reason behind having two microphones is that when there is an event, for example a party at home, two kids may sing as others watch or sing along.

Enhanced Vocal Effects

Modern karaoke machines come with vocal effects appreciated by most kids. To begin with, balance control enables the kid to control right and left channel balance. Kids like having this option since they can choose between listening to only music or vocals with music.

A digital key control enables kids to have their voices sound more rhythmical and professional. This is because kids are able to control or adjust the music key or vocals without much assistance. In addition, kids may sing a song that is out of their range in order to make others enjoy it.

Auto voice control and echo enables the kid to replace the singer’s voice with his or her own voice. However, this is only done with a multiplex CD allowing the child sing his or her favorite song while replacing that of the lead singer. Echo effect enables the kid to mimic the singer’s voice while also sounding better in the end.

Battery Power

The karaoke machine should have a good battery that stores enough power. This enables the kid to just take about any place in the home without the need to constantly have it plugged to power.