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The LSAT Prep Books Review

The LSAT – or law school admission test – is a test used in Canada, America and Australia as a means of determining whether or not a potential student is prepared for law school through testing their reading, comprehension, reasoning and logical skills. Students are able to retake the test upon receiving a failing grade, though are only able to do so three times over any given two-year period. For this reason, shopping for a good LSAT preparation program can be a little tricky. Unlike most products, by the time you realize the item you bought isn’t all that great, it will already be too late when it comes to your LSAT prep book. In the name of passing grades, we’ll cover what can be considered one of the best LSAT prep books out there while going over just what it is that makes an LSAT prep book good in the first place. You’ll be ready for your test in no time.

The Top Pick

The Official LSAT PrepTest 75: (June 2015 LSAT)

The Official LSAT PrepTest is a series of books wherein each installment is related to a certain year’s LSAT, with complete, up-to-date information for that year’s test. As the name would suggest, The Official LSAT PrepTest books are the actual, official tests that were administered in any given year, giving students a chance to write a past LSAT and grade it themselves with the included answers.

What makes The Official LSAT PrepTest is that students aren’t being fed general concepts based on what an LSAT preparation company feels will be good for the student, but actually actually get to see for themselves what all the hype is about. They’ll get a feel for the test and, coupled with a study guide, will be able to predict with accuracy whether or not they’re ready for this year’s test.

The book actually comes from the Law Admission Council and can be had for a relatively low price (usually under $10). To buy the book straight from the council, clicking the below link will take you to last year’s LSAT test on Amazon (it should be worth noting that previous tests are available for purchase as well).

Buyer’s Guide

Because there are several types of LSAT prep books available, each of which serves its own purpose, you may be inclined to do some further shopping, fully preparing for your upcoming test the best you can. Let’s take a look at each type of prep book and find out what it is they do.

Prep Tests

As the name would suggest, prep tests are actual tests which students may use to practice everything they’ve been studying. Prep tests come in two forms, now-unused tests from previous years and completely fabricated tests, which still tend to be accurate and offer students a solution to last year’s test if they’ve already written it and are looking for a new challenge. Tests from previous years are often the preferred form in which these tests come, though buying either will work fine, while buying both will work even better.

If you decide to get a prep test that isn’t an official past test, it’s important to do your research on the company and product first. Unlike official tests, these made up aren’t held to scrutiny by the Law Admission Council, meaning, in theory, you could be buying a jumble of random questions the author felt like throwing together. Made up tests can be a great tool, just make sure to get the right one, lest it prove to be counterproductive.

Study Guides

LSAT Prep BooksBefore you take any sort of test, prep or otherwise, the first thing you’ll need to do is study. Study guides come in textbook format, often complete with units and chapters you can study to improve your LSAT score. Much like made up tests, study guides are released by private companies. It’s therefor crucial you look into the company and product some more before settling on a purchase. Taking the ten minutes to do so can save you hours in test retakes. Picking up a solid study guide is essential.

All-In-One LSAT Prep Books and Sets

Some authors compile a mix of practice tests along with a study guide. For those who want to best of both worlds, these all-in-one LSAT prep books may be a convenient option which throws everything you’re looking for all together into one book. You’ll spend less time searching for different resources and will often save money through these books over buying study guides and practice tests separately.

The downside; however, is that you’ll have less control over what goes into the book. If you hear author A makes the best study guides while author B makes the best practice tests, you might want to buy them separately rather than buy the entire all-in-one book from author A, missing out on B’s great practice tests. These all-in-one books can serve as a great starting point – some students may find themselves picking up more than one – but they can leave you somewhat limited.

Every Test and Guide is Going To be Different

With the exception of official tests, every prep test is and every study guide is going to put emphasis on certain areas. Nobody knows what’s going to be on next year’s test and, while most LSAT prep authors do a great job of preparing you, its a good idea to pick up several different resources to ensure you don’t stumble upon any unpleasant surprises on test day.

Study Skills

Study skills books in this regard are LSAT prep books who’s main objective is to prepare you for the LSAT study guides (which will later go on to prepare you for the actual test). These are not necessary – many students do just fine without them – though they can certainly help. If you have the money to burn on another book and suspect a study skills book might help you organize and manage the workload that is studying for the LSAT, then by all means grab a copy. Even if it only gives you a 5% edge, every little thing helps.