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Best TV Under $1000

The TV Under 1000 Review

It is hard to find a home today without a TV in their living room. A family TV is something common today with many finding it as a way of connecting with other family members after a busy day at work. It is after a few years that a person feels the need to change a TV because it looks outdated. A TV is an entertainment piece; many people would want to spend less on it as there are no returns on such an expense. Even those people who have a budget of under 1000, they can still have a great TV with many desirable features.

The Top Pick

Sony KDL48W600B 1080p Smart LED TV

With this TV, you get more ports than most TVs have in its category. More ports mean you can connect other peripheral devices such as sound bars to boost the sound quality of the TV among other devices. Since it uses the E-Reality PRO engine, the TV delivers high quality pictures with clearer contrast and better refresh rate.

The TV comes with the HD Wireless streaming capability when connected to the internet. You will be connected to the Sony database of movies and other videos. Watching YouTube from your TV can be great, especially those people who love to check out new music videos. The overall design of the TV was to minimize the amount of frame around it and that worked quite well. The TV is slimmer, but still delivers high quality sound output.

The Competition

  1. VIZIO D55u-D1:
  2. LG 55UH6150:
  3. Sony KDL48W650D:–Wi-Fi/dp/B01CUARK32/?tag=ramreviews-20
  4. VIZIO D60-D3 D-Series:

Considerations for Choosing the Best TV under $1000


Sony KDL48W600B: You can enjoy Full 1080p HD entertainment. All of your existing sports, TV shows and movies are up scaled to super clear quality. Even YouTube clips and smart phone videos are enhanced with stunning results.

VIZIO D55u-D1: You can experience incredible detail and clarity with 8.3 million pixels and 4x the resolution of 1080p Full HD.

LG 55UH6150: Its Ultra High Definition offers four times the resolution of Full HD: 3,840 pixels wide by 2,160 lines high. IPS delivers accurate colors that remain consistent at wide viewing angles, with four times the resolution of Full HD.

Sony KDL48W650D: You can experience the detail of Full HD 1080p across all your entertainment. From Blu-ray Discs to your favorite TV shows, you can see it all in perfect clarity on the big screen with this Sony TV.

VIZIO D60-D3 D-Series: It features brilliant picture quality, and faster, easier-to-use smart TV experience, the all-new D-series brings you premium HD entertainment at an incredible value.

Backlight Technology:

Sony KDL48W600B: It uses LED Edge-Lit technology which makes picture so lifelike, it’s like looking through a window. Images appear with natural color transitions and each scene in everything you watch shows crisp, clear detail.

VIZIO D55u-D1: Full-Array LED backlighting and 14 Active LED Zones deliver superior light uniformity with an extremely high contrast, and deep, pure black levels. Active Pixel Tuning enables pixel-level brightness adjustments for increased picture accuracy and contrast.

LG 55UH6150: With its True Black Panel HDR, the LG UHD TVs can process and display new High Dynamic Range content, which dramatically expands available contrast and colors. With HDR, images are now brighter and bolder, coming to life as never before.

Sony KDL48W650D: The TV that keeps up with real life. Sony’s backlight technology allows fast moving action sequences in sports and movies to be seen with precise motion clarity.

VIZIO D60-D3 D-Series: You get brilliant picture quality using the latest advanced technologies – like Full-Array LED backlighting for superior light uniformity, and up to 10 Active LED Zones producing vivid details with deeper, and more pure black levels.

Picture Engine:

Sony KDL48W600B: Sony’s X-Reality PRO picture engine draws on its extensive reality database to display more color, clarity and detail in every image.

VIZIO D55u-D1: With Clear Action 240, sports and action fans will appreciate the powerful image processing of the D-series with a blazing 120Hz effective refresh rate achieved with backlight scanning for sharper detail in fast action scenes.

LG 55UH6150: Its TruMotion 120Hz IPS Panel UHD Mastering Engine allows you to view the screen at any seat that can be the best in the house.

Sony KDL48W650D: You can enjoy outstanding clarity, sharpness and picture quality with everything you watch. Sony combination of noise reduction technologies sharpens every scene, so the picture gleams with clear detail.

VIZIO D60-D3 D-Series: For sports and action fans, D-series includes Clear Action 240, which combines powerful image processing with 120Hz effective refresh rate for enhanced detail in fast action scenes.

Buyer’s Guide

The guide below should help you understand the different TVs on the market before settling to buy one.

1. The Screen Size

The screen size of a TV is measured diagonally from one corner to the other. People are now going for bigger and bigger TVs. For a living room TV for the family, consider getting one that is over 42”. Such a TV is large enough for the whole family to view their favorite shows without squeezing on the sofa. For the smaller rooms such as the bedroom, it is okay to pick a smaller size such as a 32” TV. Now that the TVs come with a narrower frame surrounding the screen, you can fit a large TV in the same small space of the old TV.

2. The Screen Resolution

The picture quality of any TV is based on the screen resolution. The higher the screen resolution numbers, the better the picture quality. Top 10 TV manufacturers always maintain high quality resolution for their TVs. The picture quality will vary from one TV to another because of different manufacturers and brands. Testing the TV before buying or reading reviews about it should help in understanding about its picture quality.

Still on picture quality, the TV should have a higher refresh rate. The refresh rate is how fast the TV will process the changes in the pictures on the screen. The higher refresh rates guarantee a smooth transition between different frames of the pictures. Smoother picture transition is great, especially when watching an action packed movies or a football match.

3. The TV Technology

There has been a tremendous change in the TV technology recently. If you are not a tech savvy person, you might just end up with an outdated TV. Most people are stuck between choosing LED or OLED TVs. Both technologies provide an impressive picture quality when watching TV Shows or movies. However, the OLED technology produces sharper images with a reduced motion blur.

For those who are looking for better viewing experience, the curved TVs will just offer that. Regardless where your sofa or seat is located, you can view your show without being directly in front of the TV.

4. Sound Quality

TV Under 1000Each manufacturer works hard to provide the best sound quality, but all that has been overshadowed by making slimmer TVs. The slim TVs might not always have the best sound output that people want. Yes, there will be cases where the manufacturer can incorporate technology such as Dolby Sound thus making the sound clearer.

There is the option of getting a separate sound system or sound bar for your TV. The sound system will amplify the sound output making it better. Consider going for a home theater system to get a surround sound in the house.

5. Number of Ports Available

The number of ports on TV determines just how many additional devices can be connected to it. New model TVs come with several ports for audio input and output, HDMI port, USB port and many others. Check out in the product description to learn more about the ports provided. If you like to watch movies from your hard drive, ensure the TV has a USB port. Still check out what type of file formats the TV can play.

Some manufacturers have made it as a standard to provide the buyer with some of the connecting cables such as the HDMI cable and MHL cable.

6. 4K or 3D TV

The 4K resolution is fairly new as compared to the 3D TV. The 4K resolution TV promises to deliver the best picture quality you have ever seen. Still, the TV will be relevant for the next five years before you can think of getting a newer model. The same thing can be said for the 3D TVs as some of them now have the 4K resolution. However, they both have one major drawback; there is no enough content for the 4K and 3D TVs. Most of the movies we watch have been ripped to 1080p or Blue Ray technology. Such content will not have any much difference when watching on a 4K TV or a normal HD TV.

Hold off plans of buying the 4K or 3D TV for a while until there is enough content relevant with good resolution.

7. The TV Usability Features

Any good TV should be easy to use even for a person who is new to your TV. The moment you hold a remote, you should know which button to press. The level of user friendliness will vary from model to model. Some models are hard to operate while others are easy. Read reviews on a TV model to see how several people feel about its usability features.