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Best Beginner Golf Clubs

The Beginner Golf Clubs Review

For people who are just starting out to play the game of golf, it can be quite hard finding the right set of golf clubs. It is hard when all the manufacturers are always claiming that their product is the best. Having a golfing pro to tell you about the best golf clubs to buy should help a lot. Some end up buying golf clubs that do not meet their needs later on as golfers. Starting today with this best beginner golf club buying guide, any newbie in golf should make an informed decision on the best clubs to buy.

The Top Pick

Wilson Profile HL Complete Package Golf Set

It is a complete 15-piece set of golf clubs that should help you play your golf game even better. The set comes with powerful design focuses that will help to deliver on distance and control on your shots. The overall design of the set is engineered for people who need faster swing speeds during the golf game. The golf clubs are incorporated with the hybrid technology that makes them stiffer and easier to swing than the long iron clubs.

Testimonials from users on several review sites show that it is the best set for the beginners, as most of them have improved in their skills in a short time while using them. It will still depend on how much effort you are willing to put in your game too. Having great golf clubs without dedication to the game will not do much to help improve your gaming. The model comes with either left or right hand orientation. Even the left-handed people who feel they are left out of mostly when manufacturing products, this company still considers them.

Buyer’s Guide

Below are some of the things that any buyer should have in mind when buying best beginner golf clubs.

1. Come up with Your Golf Goals

Golf clubs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, which is quite an expense someone is likely to incur. You have to think about your golf game plan currently. Some people play golf only twice per year, but still want to get new golf clubs. If you occasionally play with your friends, mostly on weekends, then it will be appropriate to buy the new set. Also, if you are planning to make it a professional thing, it calls for showing your dedication to the game and buying golf clubs meant for beginners and professionals too.

2. Whether to Pick a New or Old Set

Beginner Golf ClubsGoing for the new set is better for any beginner. You will have the set to yourself for more practice without having to deal with the wear and tear of someone else who used before you. The new set tends to offer more confidence when playing golf with your friends.

Not everyone has the budget to buy a new set of golf clubs. If you want to get the old set, consider checking out the clubs conditions first. The old clubs tend to have a lot of wear and tear. If the clubs have many blemishes, they might not help that much to play golf. If the wear and tear is on the grips, that can be replaced easily without spending a lot of money.

3. Understand the Different Golf Club Shafts

The golf club shafts can be either iron or graphite. You have to choose between these two based on your swing capability. Seniors in the golf game who are looking for a stiffer swing often use the iron-shaft clubs. The beginner and mostly ladies are advised to start with the graphite-shaft clubs before advancing to the iron based later on. Be honest about your swing capability when talking to a golfing pro before choosing the club based on shafts.

4. Importance of Buying Modern Golf Clubs

As much as it is important to save money, doing this for golf clubs might not always be the best thing. Some sets can be inexpensive, but they are years behind in terms of features. The new features are meant to help improve your game. The old clubs will make you to be at a disadvantage when playing against your friends who use clubs with modern features. Therefore, other than focusing on the price, consider checking out what modern features the clubs have to offer.

5. Setting a Budget

Each golf club brand and model will have a different price tag pegged on it. Setting a budget for yourself depends on factors such as how much you are willing to spend, the game plan in mind and features of the best golf clubs. Come up with a realistic budget that should help you get the best golf clubs without leaving you bankrupt. Consider buying the clubs online, as online stores tend to have more discounts. The discounts should help you save more money to spend on other things in your life.

6. Read Reviews about the Different Golf Clubs

Reading reviews is a great way of getting additional information about the golf clubs before buying them. The reviews will point out some of the benefits and issues that the manufacturer might not always highlight in the product description section. Search for those sites that provide credible reviews from people who have used the product. Avoid sites that tend to exaggerate the features of the golf clubs. Read reviews on different clubs that seem to work for you before making a final decision which to buy.

7. Shop Around for Variety

After checking out several golf clubs, you should be in a better position to make up your mind. Some people tend to regret later on when they see better clubs after buying their current golf clubs. That person should not be you, shop around in different malls to learn about the best clubs before settling for one. Another option would be checking out online stores. The stores have many golf clubs from different brands. Each brand will have something unique to offer, so pick based on your preferences.