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Best Fastpitch Softball Bats

The Fastpitch Softball Bats Review

Softball brings back thoughts of winning or watching one of your top teams compete. Picking the right fast pitch bat can be quite challenging for a first timer. Even before arriving at a brand to choose from, there are several decisions to put into consideration. The Louisville Slugger brand is a familiar name with all softball fans out there. The bats by Louisville Slugger are master-produced by Hillerich & Bradsby Company which is located in the state of Kentucky. John Hillerich, decided to make bats in a different more efficient way and the rest is history.

With time the Louisville Slugger brand has incorporated metal alloys in their production of bats. High school and college softball leagues cooperate hand in hand with the company to regulate the game. Production caters for both the aluminum soft pitch as well as the fast pitch softball tournaments. Some of the top models are the Slugger bats, the elite M9 maple bats and the LB Prime. All these are legally sanctioned bats.

The Top Pick

The Louisville Slugger Fast-Pitch Xeno

This bat is ranked top by several leading industry professionals. After extensive improvements and enhancements on the predecessors, it’s one of a kind. It’s in-built with latest technology improvements which give it a lighter weight swing. Vibration on impact has been greatly reduced when compared to other bats. The trampoline of the barrel is unbelievable. With the Xeno, you notice immediate improvement in your gaming.

S1iD Technology

The bat has aluminum inner discs which permit flexibility. The barrel has a larger sweet spot which achieves a cleaner pop on impact with the ball.

IST Technology

The IST is the connector between the handle and the barrel. The solid connection gives the Xeno a great firm feel. The Length and Weight is just right.

League Accreditation

As for other league approval, the record is astute. The bat has met the approval credentials for the ASA, USSA, ISA, ISF and NSA. The Durability of the Xeno is unmatched. Narrow your search for the perfect fast pitch bat with the Louisville Slugger Fast-Pitch Xeno.

Buyers Guide

What Do You Think?

If you are a first timer to this whole fast pitch softball bats world, then you will find it confusing at first. Even deciding which bat to purchase among the extensive pool of options out there is a challenge. Seeking answers online does not help much, as there are endless articles on different products. All this varied opinions, some by professional players, coaches, even parents, are confusing.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Bat?

Fastpitch Softball BatsSoftball always seems like this cool laid back sport for everyone, until you go out shopping for a bat. The price fluctuation range is incredible. Some premium bats cost up to $350. There are also those which cost as low as $25 and are mostly for the young.

Well, as a starter, the aluminum bat can deliver. Young players can perfectly use it for their recreation. It’s unnecessary to buy a high end composite softball bat for your young girls when it’s all about recreation. You can even play softball with an old garage sale bat.

The 12U division is distinctly set out for girls aging 11 to 12. At this age, it’s believed that the girls can refine their skills and gain better understanding on strategy. This experience level will call for more than just a basic aluminum beginners bat. Just observing her play, one notices the sounds which resonate from the impact of the ball on the bat. How hard and how far the ball is hit will also differ depending on the bat in use. Aluminum bats at this stage are old news.

Composite bats made of carbon fibers and graphite are highly recommended here. Their delivery eclipses that of the aluminum bats by far. I’ve never seen a debate arise over the merits of composite bars over their aluminum rivals. This is common sense; they are better.

Aluminum Vs Composite

There is an abundance of aluminum bats at the lower youth recreation leagues. Pitching here is very low and besides the game played is bit wild. While your girls are still young and play this level of softball, do not go shopping for a costly bat. Go for something pretty and girly as the model and brand do not count for much here.

Once they mature to 12U and above, composite bats become a necessity. The pitches here are much harder and defense even better. For your girl to pose a formidable challenge as a hitter, she will require the composite bat. Power hits are best delivered by them, end of discussion.

What’s The Best Brand and Model

As much as you go around asking, the answer is never definite. Different opinion articles from different coaches, players and parents reveal different preferences. Common names that pop up are Lousville Slugger, Easton, DeMarini, Anderson and Mizumo. Before purchasing a softball bat ensure it qualifies for use in the relevant leagues and associations concerned. For the bat to attain legal status is must be recognized by the ASA, USSSA, NSA etc. Do a round check on the manufacturer, retailer or association website. For those buying off the shelf, ensure the certification is printed on the bat.

The Right Bat Size

Determining the right bat size depend on your girls ability to handle it. While she is young the smaller lighter bats are suitable for her. The big girls with a weak uncoordinated swing can use them too. The elderly girls who display more athleticism use the heavier and longer bats. At roughly 13 years of age, they should have transitioned into this more advanced bats. Most of the bat manufacturers strongly sell their bats based on age.

Is The Bat En-loaded or Balanced?

Base hitters are inclined to using balanced bats, while the enloaded bat is for power hitters. The name balanced bat originates from the weight distribution of this bat which is balanced. On the other enloaded bat, there is a concentration on weight at its barrel. The swing speed is faster with the balanced bat up till the point of contact, this means better control.

As for the en-loaded bats your bat speed rises tremendously after the contact with the ball. This means an extra 15 10 30 feet of extra ball propulsion. Your daughter must be strong enough to handle this bat. If you notice a reduction in her swing spin, then the balanced bat is much better for her.