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Best Yoga DVD For Beginners

The Yoga Dvd For Beginners Review

Yoga may not be for everyone, but for those who have practiced for any length of time it’s almost a lifestyle. There is some form of yoga for everyone, those who wish to lose weight, those who need to control stress, and for those who wish to maintain or regain mobility.

Just as there are many forms of yoga so are there reasons for practicing. Today it is prescribed by doctors to patients for back pain, anxiety, and as a pre-natal strengthening practice. For all of these reasons, the beginner can be overwhelmed by the number of DVDs, all aimed at them. To help out, let’s look at the best yoga Dvd for beginners, and then at a buyer’s guide intended to help those who are new to the practice.

The Top Pick

Yin Yoga: The Foundations of a Quiet Practice

The best Dvd for beginners can be found at It’s called “Yin Yoga: The Foundation Of A Quiet Practice.” and is an excellent choice for any beginner. A two DVD set, it has one dedicated to teaching beginners about yin yoga. It includes a dictionary of terms, explanations of what Ying Yoga is, and the theory behind it.

The DVD has 5.5 hours on it, and many of those hours concentrate on different routines, and reviewers stated repeatedly that this was the best part. Even those who had been using the program for more that a year, state that they were still using it for several days each week without being bored. This is of extreme importance with any practice.

The two disc set is being sold for $39.00, and while this may seem a bit high, the reviewers seemed to feel that it’s well spent money. This seems to be because many consumers find the practice varied enough that people are willing to use it until they need a higher level of poses.

Buyer’s Guide

Types of Practice

There are numerous forms of Yoga, and the beginner should look at some of these different forms. Learning a small amount about the various forms will make it easier for the consumer to choose the proper practice for themselves.

There are yoga’s such the Yin Yoga in the review above. Yin Yoga concentrates on stretching connective tissues over stretching muscles. It requires that each stretch be held for 4-5 minutes in each pose. Other forms of yoga concentrate on breathing, some are flowing, and others require the practitioner to hold a pose for a couple of minutes.

It would be almost impossible for a consumer to choose the best DVD, without knowing something about the different forms of practice. A quick Google search can provide any beginner with enough knowledge to choose the form that best suits them.

Make Sure Your DVD Is For Beginners.

Yoga Dvd For BeginnersMany consumers find that while many poses look easy, they are not. By truing to do poses before they are ready can cause serious injuries, and end the beginners practice. For this reason it’s advised that the DVD has more than one level of practice, allowing viewers to select the practice that best suits them.

It’s best to pick a DVD that can demonstrate the moves, and explain the correct position. The best instructors will also also verbally explain that if a pose hurts a great deal than either the consumer isn’t ready or is doing it incorrectly.

Choose A DVD That Has Explains The Contents On The Cover

For most new practitioners this is one of the most important things the consumer can do when deciding which DVD they should pick. Its vital to know what can be expected on the DVD. The beginner may want a certain type of music, while another prefers comforting visuals. The cover should also state the focus of the practice.

Focus Of The Practice

All practices should have a focus. This means that the routines have some goal in mind, and the new practitioner should decide what focus or goals they have in mind. Some focuses might be weight loss, stress reduction, increased mobility, or many other conditions. Some DVDs will even be dedicated to a certain time of day, with mornings being energizing and night practices to encourage a peaceful feeling that can contribute to better sleep.

Since there are so many focus, the consumer must decide which type of practice is best for their medical condition. The choice of focus should also match the goals of the practitioner.

Shop Online

By shopping online consumers can find a great choice of selections, and better descriptions. The reviews left by others can be helpful in making the choice as to which is the best yoga Dvd for a beginner such as themselves. The reviews can also help shoppers decide which DVD has the features and practice that they prefer. There is also the fact that many of these DVDs are less expensive online than those found in walk-in stores.

Does The DVD Offer Demonstrations?

As a new practitioner, one of the most difficult parts of yoga is trying to get the pose correct. When done incorrectly, a pose can cause damage, and pain. However just reading instructions, or a still photo is not the best way to learn a new pose.

Watching another get into the pose, and holding it is a better way to learn the correct way to do the pose. Its even better if the instructor gives verbal explanations explaining the details of the pose. Some instructors will even explain common problems that may occur.

The ancient practice of yoga has been around for centuries, and it said to have helped many people gain strength and balance. As any beginner can say it’s difficult to set-up their own home practice. There are millions of poses and forms, and with that comes confusion. Finding the best yoga Dvd for beginners can help the new practitioner set up a home practice that will help them meet their goals.